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Building disciples! Delivering the Oppressed!

Overcomers In Christ Group of Churches

We are more than Conquerors. We are Overcomers in Christ committed to building disciples and delivering the oppressed! Overcomers In Christ Group of Churches comprises of a family of churches, namely



Overcomers In Christ Group of Churches are full gospel, non-denominational, multinational churches where all are welcome. We foster and nurture a personal love and faith relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Overcomers in Christ churches (OCFA, OCDA, OCPA) are committed to building disciples for Christ and delivering the oppressed. Ours is to preach Salvation in the name of Christ and to fight for the total and complete deliverance of those oppressed by powers of darkness. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, Overcomers In Christ Group of Churches demonstrate the power of God in signs, wonders and miracles accompanied by verifiable testimonies of mighty works of deliverance and healings.

Are there serious problems you are dealing with that have become overwhelming?

Have you expected much and received little?

What are you doing spiritually to change your circumstances?


You need a divine roadmap to show you how to navigate through confusion and hardship. That roadmap is in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! You cannot see what's going on around you unless God opens your eyes!

Cross & Fire
    • Overcomers In Christ Faith Assembly, Brooklyn, New York
    • Overcomers In Christ Deliverance Assembly, Newark, New Jersey, and
    • Overcomers In Christ Power Assembly (in the process of being planted)


pastor Id Guobadia

Idemudia Guobadia is the lead pastor at the Overcomers In Christ Group of Churches. An attorney by profession, Idemudia Guobadia was ordained into the pastoral ministry on April 16, 2006.
Fondly known as Pastor ID, He has been raised up by the Lord Jesus Christ to build and strengthen disciples in the faith and to deliver the oppressed from all manner of demonic affliction. Pastor ID himself, has a compelling testimony of being delivered by the power of Jesus Christ from occultic powers and evil spirits from the sea.

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ministry sermon

Pastor Tayo Guobadia is Associate Pastor at Overcomers in Christ Faith Assembly and directly oversees the Youth and Children Ministry and the Womens Ministry.

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